Handspring Puppet Company

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We are proud to boast the fact that we have worked for many years with one of the most prestigious puppet companies in the world, South Africa’s very own HANDSPRING PUPPET COMPANY. In four years we were lead engineers and builders on seven internationally performing sets of WAR HORSE (in association with the London National Theatre), one of which was awarded a prestigious TONY AWARD for excellence in theatre on the New York West End. In that time however, we also engineered and produced fairy puppets for A MID SUMMER NIGHTS DREAM, in association with the Bristol Old Vic. And more recently Andy worked with Adrian Kohler in developing larger than life puppets as well as a miniature statue for HALLE PUPPENTHEATER’s “Save the Pedestals”. These include Massage Fairy, Lion Lamp Fairy, and the transforming Scary Fairy, which is based on ancient Japanese Bunraku techniques.

Janni Younge Productions

  • Beast
  • Bird & Beast
  • Sect Bird 2
  • Sect Bird


As puppetry collaborations go, working with Janni Younge of JANNI YOUNGE PRODUCTIONS on her production of Stravinsky’s THE FIREBIRD is a tough one to beat. It is with great pride that we realised the engineering complexities and beautiful designs of  these astonishing Secretary Bird and Beast puppets.

Jungle Theatre

  • Eland
  • Frogs
  • Lion and Gemsbok
  • Lion
  • PM1
  • PM2
  • Python
  • Afrika-Burns-python


With puppetry by our very own Andy Jones and directed by SHRiNKray director Jess Mias-Jones, !KAI, A LITTLE DEATH was an experimental production with Jungle Theatre, showcased at the very first Cape Town Fringe Festival in 2014. We designed and built the Xaggen! puppet, a Khoi San spirit figure of the praying mantis, and the horned eland mask. The mantis is sculpted from beaten sheets of aluminium, with articulated arms and head, while the eland mask is sculpted from cardboard – a method that we would later adapt and use again as one of our signature styles.

We designed and built these cardboard masks with costume pieces for the JUNGLE THEATRE revival production of “WHEN LION HAD WINGS” in 2016 – a great example of ingenuity within a restricted budget! This production also showcased at the Cradle of Creativity; the 19th ASSITEJ World Congress and Theatre Festival for Children and Young People, in 2017.

Handspring Trust

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  • Elephant-rehearsal
  • Mermaid
  • Sea-Queen


Called on by the HANDSPRING TRUST in 2013, we took on the absolutely exciting project of designing and building puppets for the annual Barrydale Community Festival to celebrate Reconciliation Day in one of the most historically segregated towns in the country. The theme of the festival and performance was KAROO SEE”, taking us back to a time when the Karoo desserts were still plentiful with water, elephants, and mermaids.

Hoofkantor Produksies

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SHRiNKray Puppets  had the pleasure of designing, fabricating and performing for

Hoofkantoor Produksies short film “Wisseltrofee” for the SilwerSkramFees Film festival which was  held in Cape Town in August 2017.

Princeton University

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Commissioned by the Great Class of 1991, we had great fun designing and building this giant Tiger puppet for the PRINCETON UNIVERSITY Alumni weekend “P-rade” in 2015. The puppet is three metres long and two metres tall from head to toe, and sculpted using irrigation pipe and aluminium sheet. The Princeton Tiger now stands on the grounds of the University; proudly embodying their totem animal, and a job well done.

Giant Films

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  • Git Down
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In 2015 we got a call from GIANT Films; they needed a L’il Gangsta for an international advert they were shooting – and they needed him fast. We set to work immediately on the design and build for the little guy, and a week later we were on set, filming him in all his gansta glory.

SHRiNKray Puppets

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  • Bunny & The Magic Hat
  • Bunny & The Magic Hat
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  • Bunny & The Magic Hat
  • Bunny & The Magic Hat


Directed by Jess Mias-Jones, performed by Andy Jones and Sivuyile Gaji, Bunny and the Magic Hat is an original, 35 minute puppet theatre piece designed for children and adults aged 3 and up. The characters are gender neutral, with no dialogue; making Bunny a great show appropriate for children and adults of all cultures and languages.

The vision and mission was to create a piece of high quality puppet theatre for all to enjoy, no matter what social, cultural or economic background. The show has been met with huge enthusiasm and delight from both audiences at Stonehurst Mountain Estate, as well as Tygerberg Hospital School and the CApe Town Fringe 2017. Audiences from these completely different communities shrieked and laughed with joy and investment throughout the performances proving, with the bluntest honesty that only a child can have,that Bunny and the Magic Hat truly is a show for all kids and adults from all walks of life.

See below for the trailer to the show.

Contagious Theatre

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SHRiNKray Puppets had the pleasure of fabricating these lovely characters for Contagious Theatres adaptation of Alex Latimer’s wonderful book for children, “The Boy who Cried Ninja”.

The show was performed with great success at the Theatre on the Square in Sandton.

VR Theatrical

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SHRiNKray Puppets recently had the pleasure of re-designing and fabricating this sweet little Birdie puppet for VR Theatricals adaptation of “Peter and the Wolf”.

Cape Town Carnival 2019

Technical design

SHRiNKray Puppets had the honour of creating the technical designs for a 5 metre marionette puppet

that paraded through the streets of Cape Town on the 16th March 2019. Meet Vukani.